Saturday, December 31, 2011

Iron-Horse Park

Built in 1912, Iron-Horse Park was a train yard built by Boston & Maine (B&M) when it was still in control of New Hampsire. it used to be maintenance and manufacturing stops for the newest cutting edges of train technology, and in fact; was quite modern for its time period. the property containing a roundhouse, track lines, several office buildings, massive warehouses, dump sites, and the billrica shop complex. It was used throughout WWII but as time goes on and new technology becomes old, the maintenance warehouse found no further uses and fell into a decrepid state, while some parts of Ironhorse Park were active through the late 80's and even some parts being still active today, the main repair shop for old locomotives has turned into a desolate spectacle to be seen. Currently ironhorse park is one of the EPAs Superfund Cleanup sites.

Although we went here a while ago I never posted the pictures so I thought I'd just do the update now. One day me, mike bike and his brothers went on an UE road trip to places unknown, our first location was ironhorse a massive train yard that housed impressive abandonments. we came here and spent a few hours, I found blueprints, paperworks, and checks predating WWII. we also monkeyed about on some of the 10 ton cranes and beautiful Iron Beams throughout the building. It was an awesome building that I'd want to revisit again and again. just standing on the ground floor looking at the expanse of forgotten history was awestriking.

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